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To help you better understand how to determine the current WIP inventory in production, here are some examples. This forces the assembly line to produce and hold more units in stock than are necessary in order to reduce the delay for other processes down the line and increase the assembly time for each bike as […]

Delaware Franchise Tax: Everything You Need to Know

You must file your annual report if your business is a corporation and pay your franchise tax and filing fee by March 1. All LLCs, Limited Partnerships, and General Partnerships formed in Delaware are required to pay the annual franchise tax by June 1. If the Delaware Franchise Tax calculation uses the assumed par value […]

QBO Business & Finance

QuickBooks Advanced is best for enterprise businesses with support for extra users and the new features which help businesses operate more efficiently at scale. The Essentials plan is a great fit for growing small businesses that have an increased number of suppliers, employees, and clients. Similarly, you can create a client database and track overdue […]

Program: Applied Data Analytics in Accounting, Certificate University of Houston

Whereas before you really needed to be a computer scientist, data now used across the profession, making  data analytics skills essential for success in an accounting career,” she says. By improving cost estimation, accounting data analytics is making budgets more accurate and relevant. Through real-time data analysis, it’s also making it possible for accounting professionals […]

What is separation of duties?

As another example, the person who maintains inventory records does not have physical possession of the inventory. And as a third example, the person who sells a fixed asset to a third party cannot record the sale or take custody of the payment from the third party. In order to ensure the propriety of submitted […]

Debt to Asset Ratio Formula Example Analysis Calculation Explanation

We’re firm believers in the Golden Rule, which is why editorial opinions are ours alone and have not been previously reviewed, approved, or endorsed by included advertisers. Editorial content from The Ascent is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team. Mary Girsch-Bock is the expert on accounting […]

Accounting & Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant Services

In data analytics and forecasting, the shift from traditional methods to advanced technology enables more precise analysis and projections. A VA skilled in these tools can analyze data, easing the workload and focusing on core business strategies. With a managed VA on your side, you can streamline your workflow and focus more on strategic financial […]

18 tips to manage your small business finances

Sole traders must complete a self-assessment tax return to pay income tax and National Insurance contributions. Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent are all popular examples of accounting software that can be used. They all offer a free 30-day trial so you can find the best fit for your business before you commit. If the growth rate […]

Depreciation: Definition and Types, With Calculation Examples

The straight-line depreciation method is the most widely used and is also the easiest to calculate. The method takes an equal depreciation expense each year over the useful life of the asset. As a side note, there often is a difference in useful lives for assets when following GAAP versus the guidelines for depreciation under […]

Bank Overdraft Journal Entry Example

ABC then writes a check for $3,500, which results in a cash overdraft of $1,500. If a company is in a cash overdraft situation as of the end of its reporting period, it should record the amount of the overdraft as a short-term liability. Since interest is charged, a cash overdraft is technically a short-term […]